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For experiences that go global

Events are about more than location and time. Design the media setup cleverly and the event can transcend the boundaries of the here and now, making a significantly greater impact.

Our diverse broadcast formats allow us to expand your audience – live and vibrant or with measured enthusiasm. A stream of immersion.

For experiences that go global

Gone are the days when events were tied to a specific location. Thanks to new broadcasting technologies such as streaming, you can now easily reach participants anywhere in the world.

Whether it is about well-founded broadcasting advice on all aspects of your event or about virtual event rooms and live streams: We help you to reach your audience regardless of location – in the best quality, of course.

With every means and format

With every means and format

Your individual broadcast event

Sometimes you need more than a stage: Anyone who wants to convey additional information and emotions on site via large screens or canvases needs an on-site broadcast.

This enables us to transmit live content from anywhere in the world to the event location – or to provide your audience with exciting live analyzes, e.g. at major sports events.

Live Studio

If the event becomes its own broadcaster, the focus for the followers in a business context – then a mobile studio is needed on site. There live editing is performed, additional content is created and displayed at the same time. We produce different formats in parallel or support organizers and technicians with the implementation of live TV.


We’ll be happy to clarify your individual on-air potential in advance free of charge.

Tailor made, universally used

The needs determine the technology. Additional to our professionals, with their recording equipment, we provide our own portable production units (PPU) – for universal and fast application for real-time picture direction. For more comprehensive events, we work with the scalable solutions of tried-and-tested partners. Covered for all eventualities.

What's next?

Weiterdenken als bis zum Stand der Technik, reflektieren der jüngsten Entwicklungen und vorausahnen der Konsumgewohnheiten von morgen – das ist grundlegend für unsere eventbegleitende Medienarbeit. Zeitgleich, zeitversetzt, mobil, interaktiv und virtuell. The Next Big Thing ist hier: auf dem Radar von LIVE DIRECTORS.

Individually equipped, universally in use

Technology follows requirements. In addition to our professionals with their most modern recording equipment, we can also provide our own portable production units (PPU). For universal fast use with real-time image direction. For more extensive events, we work with equipment from proven cooperation partners that can be scaled as required. For all eventualities.

Thinking beyond the state of the art, reflecting on the latest developments and anticipating the consumption habits of tomorrow – this is fundamental for our media work accompanying the event. Simultaneously, time-shifted, mobile, interactive and virtual. The Next Big Thing is here: on the LIVE DIRECTORS radar.


Complementary services for perfect results


Our services at a glance
A passion for the extraordinary

To all services!

Concept + Dramaturgy

Creating emotion
We design: captivating sequences, impressions and content – making memories

More emotion, please!

Content Production

Audio-visual dynamics
We produce: audio-visual content – for live events – both before and after

More content, please!

Event Direction

At the heart of the action
We realise: consultation, planning, coaching, rehearsals, show calling

More perfection, please!

Technical Consultation

Complete functionality
We advise and support:
in technical planning and implementation

More quality, please!

Live Streaming

near in the distance
With the latest broadcasting technologies, we make events independent of time and location. Reach your participants worldwide.

More reach, please!

Live ist Leidenschaft

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