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What we do defines us

The importance for our customers to experience a unique and unforgettable event is matched by our desire to deliver one. We will only rest once the memories have been made.

Believing in excellence

An experience is something that moves us. When meticulous preparation in experienced hands results in a perfect performance. The excitement and accomplishment. A memory for all to keep.


From concept to completion

The more you trust in us, the more we can achieve. For agencies, organisations, service providers and companies. LIVE DIRECTORS are fluent in the technical languages of everyone involved, with the coordination and communication skills to ensure everything runs smoothly. You are in safe hands.

Inspirational implementation with technical brilliance

Perfection cannot be achieved without considering a challenge from every perspective. We never stop thinking. We protect you from hazards and assume responsibility to make the right calls.


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Trust in experience

As experienced event directors and marketing experts, we pull the strings on the big day. Success lies in the strength of our team of experts. We work together as one, drawing on decades of technical expertise.

We have no network. We are the network.

Our crew is on hand to complement our event management and cover every imaginable aspect of proceedings. Instead of a simple network of random contacts, we can call upon a reliable and dynamic team. We work together with proven specialists who excel in their fields of expertise. Tried and tested.


The coordination of enthusiasm

LIVE DIRECTORS bring everything together, but we can also be the starting point. We deliver the right ideas, coordinate concepts and processes, make the improbable possible and ensure success.

Focused direction – and everything that comes with it

For us, directing events is about more than just the execution and responsibility. We see also ourselves as advisors and producers. Included in our offer: dramaturgical planning, technical realisation, media and content production, documentation, live coverage and show programme with every imaginable cast member.

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